Monday, January 8, 2007

Three generations of delicious recipes!!

Three generations.... I am talking about my grandmother, my mom and aunts(her 2 sisters) and myself. That makes it 3 generations worth of recipes, thats what I would like to give to you'll!! :) My grandmother, born in 1932, was a homemaker and my grandfather would have his friends over and his clients over all the time. My grandmother would make all sorts of delicious Indian food, with varieties. She had amazing strength.

She passed on her cooking skills to my mother and my 2 aunts. They made their own variations to the dishes increasing the database of recipes! Then came the additions to the database with different cuisines, adding their own special warm touches to the dishes.

And my mom passed on her cooking expertise on to me. I make my own variations to her recipes plus I create some of my own. I add my own vegetarian touches to different cuisines. Have you ever heard of Mexican Lasanga;)?

I will soon be posting my first recipe, it being vegetarian samosas! :) Look out for this recipe. Its coming soon! Ciao!

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